Monday, April 19, 2010

Remote Air Link

Remote Air Link

This one might be a little hard to understand from the picture but the utility is great. If you have an old dryer vent in the top of the cinderblock of your basement that is no longer being used and you like to use air tools such as nail guns during the cold winter months this is the project for you.

You can make a permanent remote air linkage using this space. That allows you to connect the hose from the compressor outside to it outside and a hose to your tools inside very quickly. There is no need to stand outside in the cold for an indeterminate time or bring the noisy and vibrating compressor inside thereby disturbing everyone else more.

Non-detailed Instructions:

A length of pipe is threaded to accommodate the two fittings. Adapters to bring to proper diameters and threads may be needed. It is fixed in place in the center of the vacant dryer vent hole with insulating foam from a can.

You are beating the elements with this one.

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Thomas Paul Murphy

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