Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to Store Sandpaper

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How to Store Sandpaper 02 25 2010

For years I have struggled with how to store sandpaper. Stacking it on a shelf, putting it in its own toolbox. Nothing seemed to allow me to organize it and save little pieces that are still good. It needed to be stored somewhere that will hold its dust captive.

I found a filing product at OfficeMax that works well. Product Model is number "Case File OM 96225".

You can make little labels for the tabs on the 26 pockets to tell what grit paper you will be storing in that pocket. Dust is contained; small pieces that are still good can be kept here.

In the back pocket of it I keep my Supergrit Abrasives sandpaper catalog.

It might seem strange using a paper filing folder to store your sandpaper, but sandpaper is made out of paper isn't it?

Here is a link to a similiar product, but maybe a little bit better as it is made of tyvek.

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