Friday, May 21, 2010

Dust Collector Large Object Pre Catch 05 21 2010

Dust Collector Large Object Pre Catch 05 21 2010

What I have created here is catch, it is the white plastic canister that is friction collar fit to one of the intake ports. By adding the white container, probably came from a protein powder drink canister, I have created a catch that works on dynamic back pressure to capture large objects that might get caught and ruin the fan impeller blade of the dust collector. If you have ever heard a large piece of something get caught in your dust collector impeller and rattle around until you can shut the thing off quickly before either the motor burns to fire or the impeller needs replacing then this is the simple solution for your dust collector.

It does work and work well at capturing large objects; however it will not protect you from long straps or ropes that are picked up. Also you should turn off your dust collector and unplug it, wait till the impeller stops any turning it is doing before working here to add one of these or remove any paper like material that are good at clogging the airflow and reducing the power of the dust collector.

My dust collector is a Central Machinery Item number #97869, from Harbor Freight Tools website; it is 2 horsepower and requires a 20 Amp circuit. Keeping the dust down in your house or garage is very important to the health of you and your family.

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