Monday, May 24, 2010

Making Short Staples Out of Long 05 24 2010

Making Short Staples Out of Long 05 24 2010

Do you have a staple gun? Have you ever ran out of short staples but did not want to run to the hardware store and waste time gas and effort to go there. I had no short staples but I had long staples maybe 9/16” or 5/8”. That’s not the only problem you get to the hardware store and it is hard to determine just what goes in there. Actually I did have some 1/4 “ staples but they were too wide to fit in my gun. The 9/16” and the 5/8” were the right width to fit in my gun so here is what I did that allowed me to finish my project. I took my Wiss metal snips and cut the 9/16” staples down to ¼”. Use the cutting surface of the blades as near to the inner end where they meet when fully open and make a few quick passes to cut the staples. It worked although the gun clogged a few times I was able to complete the project. By the way the life and death rule with anything named gun is to ALWAYS point it in a safe direction and never in the direction of another person, yourself or in the direction that could ricochet to the former or latter. Like a bullet or fireworks that did not go off a clogged staple gun can still fire and like trouble “It waits to.”

Follow this link to find out more about aviation metal snips

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